Ciaccia Farm

Who we are

Ciaccia farm born in Nardò, since three generations, it has product and distribution G.D.O ( GRANDE DISTRIBUZIONE ORGANIZZATA) on the national and international markets.
The company adopts ever since the disciplines of the integrated struggle of the Puglia region and it has been getting for several years now and among the first in Salento certification Global G.A.P., an important requirement that allows it to be distribuited, like the largest food companies.
It produces fruit and vegetables, cultivating and carinf about 300 hectares af land with  the most modern farm equipment and using skilled staff.

What do we do

The only goal of the company is the quality of products that are scrupulously controlled before being marketed because they meet the most other quality standards.
Nnumerous and accurate controls have always been carried attentions have allowed the company to grow and establish with customers a lasting relationship of trust.
In summer, the war, sun of Puglia and the nature of our territory allow you obtain excellent products such as mini watermelons, watermelons, melons and in the autumn\winter season celery and artichokes. Our products are distribuited everyday on supermarket counters, which are supplied through the large distribution channels.