Zucchini or cougettes are one pf the most consumed vegetables In Italy. Practically unavoidable in the Mediterranean diet, is a good alternative to the classic contours but is also widely used in the preparation of first courses and soup. Belongs to the family of cucurbitacee and in addition to the fruits in the kitchen are also very appreciated its flowers, which are usually fried in a batter or stuffed. Is highly recommended in law, calorie diets and for the god ratio of vitamins A and C the first combats skin aging and promotes tonning while the latter is a potent antioxidant that is recognized as on anticancel action. Was also known in antiquity where it was used to relax the mind and favor sleep.


Our land is ideal place for the contrivance of the zucchini that loves the mild and sunny climate typical of Salento. Is an annual plant and its fruits are harvested from august to December.

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Legend: Harvest and sale of zucchini