Watermelons and mini watermelons

Watermelons and Mini watermelons


It is the fruit symbol of the summer, with its red pulp rich in water and mineral salts, it is also the most enjoyable way to dine and cool down during the hot summer days. A recent study by the American University of Pardue has confirmed that watermelon is a valuable natural remedy against heart disease because it allows to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and keep the body weight under control. All this thanks to the action of citrulline, a substance contained in the fruit and which was already known for its beneficial properties against hypertension and heart disease.

Cultivation and variety

The multi-year experience in watermelon cultivation has led the Ciaccia Farm to select and grow some varieties of watermelons that are distributed with the proprietary brand Aulè and are:

WATERMELONS: Ruby, Esmeralda, Melania, Caravan, Zodiak, Top Gun

MINI WATERMELONS: Mini rossa, Nikas

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