Potato is today the most widely used edible tuber used in the kitchen, but it has not always been the case.

This precious original Anden food was widely cultivated and consumed by Inca, which isolated various flesible varieties. Came to Europe in the middle of the XVI century, carried by the Spanish conquerors of peru and was initially used as animal feed, it took almost two centuries of potato to be claimed as a protagonist in European nutrition, before the poorest classes and peasants, and than as the main ingredient in some refined and elaborate recipes. From the paint of view nutritional the potatoes are famous for their high content of starches and maybe not everyone knows they are also rich in vitamin C, potassium and vitamin B5. Depending on the variety and soil they contain, they can also contain significant amounts of selenium and lithium.


There are several varieties of potatoes in the wild most popular in the market

  • Yellow potatoes are most used in the kitchen for their compact flesh that lends itself to long baking in the oven and stew or frying
  • White poppy potatoes their pulp is whitish and floury that ends to be offset during cooking and is therefore mainly used to crush it on puree or dough
  • New potatoes that for their small size and thin skin are cooked eithout being peeled
  • Red pepper potatoes these are basically yellow pasta potatoes but from the more soda pulp this makes them more suitable for intense cooking.

In our terrorism are cultivated and harvester between the months oh may an august.

January February March April May June July August Sptember October November December

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